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Random Insanity

The random insanities of KitSileya

4 September 1975
Hi, I'm a 35-year old high school teacher with an MA in scifi :D My current residence is in Bergen, Norway, and I have a job which keeps me busy. But not too busy - I still have time to be online pretty much every day. In fact, teaching English to vocational students means that I *need* to decompress every day - ever tried teaching the difference between simple present and the present continuous to a future carpenter, who hates any kind of theoretical subjects? Didn't think so.

Regarding my area of academic expertice, (female main characters in SF) I think that Sam Carter is one of the better female heroes on current television, (and an absolute cutiepie.) I like a lot of sci-fi television shows, such as Supernatural, Merlin, True Blood, Firefly; and non-SF too, like Leverage, Castle, NCIS, NCIS:LA, but my one big passion in life is reading fanfic. I love reading fanfic. Primarily slash fanfic, tho' I've been known to dabble in het and alt as well. I'm also heavily into reading SF and Fantasy, which is like, d'oh! of course. My computer is named Random Numbers (yes, after *that* cat), my laptop is named Minerva (yes, after *that* computer - can't people tell I'm a fan of the Admiral,) and that was probably more than you wanted to know about KitSileya.
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